The modern workplace platform for meeting management and workspace utilization

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Powerful Alone. Even better when used together.

AskCody offers a full stack of products for Meeting Management, Visitor Management, Indoor Wayfinding, and Workspace Analytics harmonizing the needs of both individual employees and entire organizations. Together, all four add up to one powerful platform that enhances how meetings are planned, rooms are utilized, resources booked, and how people find their way around the facility while improving organizational processes, minimize the cost of meetings, and enhance the overall staff, tenant and visitor satisfaction.

Create a happier, more convenient, and more productive modern workplace, changing the way people meet and collaborate.

The AskCody product suite simplifies meeting scheduling, streamlines conference room and resource booking, visitor management, takes care of daily questions at the front desk, and improves both wayfinding and the overall meeting effectiveness – all aspects of the business that have long been recognized as nightmares, hurdles to productivity and a waste of resources.

Make Meetings Great Again

No more paper-based booking methods, spreadsheets, and other outdated 3rd party tools that add significantly to the workload of busy administrative staff. Ditch the manual processes and create a seamless process all inside Outlook, Office 365 or together Google Calendar. AskCody gives you the data that matters to enhance utilization and the insights to act! You can go deeper into conference room activity, with daily reporting for key performance indicators like meetings and occupancy, no shows and ghost meetings, duration, and attendees.